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Target Analysis

Target analysis without measuring tools. Two input modes. Over ten group parameters. Accurate calculation results in various units. Registration is not required.

Tell about your rifle Set

Tell us about your rifle Sets. Create a photo gallery for them. Modify and change Sets. Track the impact of these changes on shooting results. Count barrel rounds. Share with friends.

Save, analyze and share your reloading data

Save the results of shooting and analytics. Save and share reloading data for your Sets. Use all the features of the Site

Analyze targets without registration

We have created for you the opportunity to analyze your targets without registering on the Site.
Targets after shooting are suitable for analysis, from both rifled and pneumatic and smooth-bore weapons.
Just follow this link, enter the necessary data, upload a photo of the target, place all the necessary graphic objects on it.
Save the resulting target with all the input, image data and analysis results as an image.

Added the ability to clone a saved Session.

Now, when creating similar Sessions, it is not necessary to enter all the data every time. It is enough just to clone the previously saved Session, to headline it and make the necessary changes.
To do this, on the Session editing page there is a special button “Clone this Session”.