Target Analysis


Targets with a grid of the exact size for printing in the ".pdf" format can be downloaded here
Enter the distance
to the target.
Distance units
Enter bullet diameter
Diameter units
Measurements based on the size of the holes (Measurement accuracy is lower)
  1. Maximize the most pronounced hole. For the most accurate setting of its diameter, since all the calculations depend on it.
    • Increase/Decrease. On the computer - the mouse wheel, on the touchscreen - pinch
    • Rotate - the slider (the function of the slider changes only once - during the installation of the first hole, more on that below). The icon to the left of the slider shows its current function. Now they are two arrows around the circumference, i.e. the rotation of the target
    • Move. On the computer - with the left mouse button pressed (LMB). On the touchscreen - short (< 1 sec.) holding a finger on the target and then moving (moving right away will move the page)
  2. Click on the add shot button (pistol) in the control panel of the target to the right of the slider
  3. And click (tap on the touchscreen) near the center of the hole. A circle with a diameter of "1" will appear. You have indicated the EXAMPLE location of the FIRST hole. You can change this place as much as you need by clicking on the target, the circle will move to the place of the click
  4. As soon as you clicked on the target and left the first hole on it in the approximate location of its location, the icon to the left of the slider shows that its function has changed. The arrows along the circumference of this icon will be replaced by diametral arrows, i.e. the slider is now (only up to the second hole) responsible for setting the diameter of the hole
  5. Set the exact diameter so that the hole on the target is completely inside and around the center of the circle contour (measurements are taken along the inner border of the circle), to do this, click on the target, mix the circle and adjust its diameter slider.
  6. When the diameter is adjusted, it is possible, if it is necessary to move the circumference of the hole to the right place on the target in order to mark the hole of the first shot.
  7. For the next (second and all subsequent shots) Press the button for adding a shot again. As soon as you click on this button (only when adding the second shot, for all subsequent ones everything will remain unchanged) the icon to the left of the slider and the slider function will change - the slider will again rotate the target
  8. Add aiming point (can be done at any time). This will allow you to calculate some additional parameters on the target. The add button is located to the right of the add shots button, with a cross-hair drawn on it. Click on this button and click on the desired point of the target.
  9. Stop marking the hole spots.
  10. If you get it wrong, press the button with a broom to clean the target and bring it to its original state.
  11. To prevent accidental unwanted changes in the layout and the position of the target, press the lock button, it will block any actions with the target, except the possibility of pressing the button again and unlocking everything.
  12. Save your work. Click on the "Save and continue to edit" button below. This button allows you to save the entire Session, without reloading the page. The "Save" button will save the Session and transfer you to view it.
Measurements based on reference size (Maximum measurement accuracy)

To do this, you need to know the exact distance between any two points on the target. It is desirable that these points were close to the group. It matters, if the target is photographed, then the distortions will be minimal, if the target is scanned, then there will be no difference.

  1. Enter the distance you know between points.
  2. Set the units of this distance
  3. Click (tap) on the button with the image of the ruler. The number "1" appears on it, informing you that you need to specify the first point of the reference distance.
  4. Click on the target in the place of the first point. Click as much as you need to set the exact mark. Zoom in and rotate the target to work comfortably.
  5. Having set the first point, click again on the button with a ruler and the number "1". After that the number “2” will appear - the choice of the second point location
  6. Set the second point. After that, the button for adding shots will be unlocked.
  7. Finish setting the reference distance by clicking a button with a ruler a third time or by clicking on the add shot button. A green check mark appears on the button with a ruler.
  8. To clean the reference distance, use the appropriate button with a broom.