Unverified load 3973 in caliber .22-6mm Remington

LoadID 3973
Bullet Berger VLD
Bullet Weight 70 grs
Powder H4831SC
Powder Weight 47.5 grs
Primer Federal Large Rifle
Brass Make Winchester
Barrel Length 29.5 (inches)
C.O.L (inches)
Velocity 3644 fps
Group 100 yds 3-shot .138, .206 and .260 (inches)
Submitted By Gary Morgan
Gun Info Custom SA700 with Brux barrel
Comment This barrel is a 10-twist, and I can't stabilize the 75 gr. A-Max, but it does a great job with the Berger. I have an 8.5 twist that I'll try as soon as I get it chambered