Unverified load 6469 in caliber .30-8 Remington Magnum

LoadID 6469
Bullet 308mm Remington Magnum
Bullet Weight 180 grs
Powder RE 19
Powder Weight 81.5 grs
Primer CC! 250
Brass Make RP
Barrel Length 24 (inches)
C.O.L 3.595 (inches)
Velocity 3247 fps
Group 100 yds 1/2 (inches)
Submitted By Mario
Gun Info I made this gun my self from a factory Remington #3 barrel and was lucky to get a nice pair of reloading dies from Midsouth shooting supplies. It wa their las set of dies for this caliber so I snag th
Comment The gun shoots well but it does buck some. The barrel is magna portedd and is loud but very accurate. I haven't shot anything with it yet I just finished it and will try it elk hunting this fall of 2010. Good hunting!