Unverified load 6472 in caliber .30-8 Remington Magnum

LoadID 6472
Bullet 30-8mm Remington Magnum
Bullet Weight 180 grs
Powder IMR 7828
Powder Weight 84.5 grs
Primer CC!
Brass Make RP
Barrel Length 24 (inches)
C.O.L 3.595 (inches)
Velocity 3233 fps
Group 100 yds 1/4 and less! (inches)
Submitted By Mario
Gun Info I used a remingtom factory #3 barrel and made the gun myself. I threated the barrel on a Remington 700 Receiver and put a Sako extractor on the bolt. Some people don't care for the idea...I like it my
Comment This is one of the most accurate loads I have made up myself. Close to the 300 weatherby in the same bullet weight. I used a Speer 108 grain BTSP bullet and it shot well! The gun bucked a lot even with a magna ported barrel but if you can hadle the recoil...you will drop whatever you hit if you placethe bullet in the right spot!