Unverified load 3106 in caliber .475-416 Rigby Improved

LoadID 3106
Bullet Barnes
Bullet Weight 500 grs
Powder IMR-4831
Powder Weight 120 grs
Primer Fed.215
Brass Make Rigby brass necked up
Barrel Length 26 (inches)
C.O.L 3.875 (inches)
Velocity 2200 fps
Group 100 yds As well as you can shoot it with this much recoil. (inches)
Submitted By Bullets4Muskegs
Gun Info Rigby Mauser bolt rebarreled
Comment This was originally the .475 A&M; and with the rediculously hot recommended 2700 fps. IMR-3031 load, no one I know of has ever fired it more than one time without offering up the rifle for sale afterwards.