Unverified load 8834 in caliber .280 Remington

LoadID 8834
Bullet Nosler Ballistic Tip (BC .493)
Bullet Weight 150 grs
Powder IMR 4350
Powder Weight 51.6 grs
Primer Federal 210 Match
Brass Make Nosler (Of course)
Barrel Length 24 (inches)
C.O.L 3.335 (inches)
Velocity 2900 fps
Group 100 yds .263" (inches)
Submitted By Gun Writer Jungle Jim Scott
Gun Info Custom Remington 700 from Red Hawk Rifles - Douglas Stainless XX Match Airgage Barrel
Comment Shepherd 3-10X P1 scope ranging rings match this load out to 1000 yards. Great long range hunting rifle. Load .005" off the lands. Try Fed 215 Magnum primer if hunting in freezing weather.