Unverified load 2892 in caliber .470 Capstick

LoadID 2892
Bullet Hawk custom round tips
Bullet Weight 600 grs
Powder XMR-4350
Powder Weight 80 grs
Primer Federal 215
Brass Make Hornady basic belted magnum
Barrel Length 22.75 (inches)
C.O.L 3.672 (inches)
Velocity 1875 fps
Group 100 yds .937 (inches)
Submitted By Bullets4Muskegs
Gun Info Krieger barrel cut rifled and throated short 1 in 9.75" twist rate
Comment 5 grains more powder and still the same velocity with a longer C.O.L., you can only burn up so much powder in a certain barrel length, and S.D. is now 3 insteat of 15, not much different either.