Unverified load 3104 in caliber .470 Capstick

LoadID 3104
Bullet Swift A-Frames .475" diameter
Bullet Weight 500 grs
Powder Hodgens Varget
Powder Weight 79 grs
Primer Fed. 215
Brass Make Hornady basic belted cyllindrical
Barrel Length 22.75 (inches)
C.O.L 3.445-3.455 (inches)
Velocity 2040 fps
Group 100 yds .475 (inches)
Submitted By Bullets4Muskegs
Gun Info Krieger cut rifled & cryoed barrel / 9.75" twist rate
Comment Original .458 Mag Factory ballistics with very good accuracy and easilly handled recoil in a Weatherby actioned 12 lb. rifle. The case length is only .015" under the trim length and with the 470 Nitro crimp possition COL is only a little shorter than normal.