Unverified load 9924 in caliber 7.62x51 NATO

LoadID 9924
Bullet Sierra MatchKing
Bullet Weight 168 grs
Powder IMR4064
Powder Weight 43.0 grs
Primer Federal 210M, Large Rifle Match
Brass Make Lake City surplus
Barrel Length 22" M1A (inches)
C.O.L 2.800 (inches)
Velocity 2550 fps
Group 100 yds under 2", sometimes under 1" (inches)
Submitted By guess who
Gun Info stock M1A
Comment Duplicates M852 Match; 43.0gr IMR4064 was for 30+ years the official spec for M852 Match, with 42.0gr IMR4895 the offical substitute standard to be used if IMR4064 was unavailable. If your rifle won't group well with this load something is very wrong.