Unverified load 6057 in caliber .30-30 Winchester

LoadID 6057
Bullet Sierra Bt.Sp.
Bullet Weight 150 grs
Powder R-15
Powder Weight 36.5 grs
Primer Federal large rifle(210M)
Brass Make Federal
Barrel Length 22 (inches)
C.O.L 2.55 (inches)
Velocity 2560 fps
Group 100 yds 1.2(3 shot group) (inches)
Submitted By R.Essex
Gun Info Savage 340 bolt action,weaver side mount,Bushnell 3x9 @6x,clip mag. 3+1,very good condition.
Comment Spitzers(pointed bullets)are safe in this rifle, not, repeat,NOT in firearms with tube magazines.medium crimp with Lee factory crimp die.This load is safe in this rifle.Primers are Federal 210 Match(gold medal)