Unverified load 9378 in caliber .30-30 Winchester

LoadID 9378
Bullet LEE .309-180r
Bullet Weight 180 grs
Powder Bullseye
Powder Weight 2.5 grs
Primer Federal large pistol magnum
Brass Make Any
Barrel Length 20'' (inches)
C.O.L 2.500 (inches)
Velocity 0 fps
Group 100 yds (inches)
Submitted By Silence is golden
Gun Info Win 94
Comment Brass is neck sized only. This is a super quite load sounds like a 22LR. Bullet lube is 50/50 beeswax and LLA this load works best when you put a little bit of a Cottenball on top of the powder to keep it in place range is only abought 50 yards befor you have to start aiming at the sky if someone wants to shoot this over a chronograph and let me know how fast it is going that would be vary helpful