Unverified load 8557 in caliber .350 Remington Magnum

LoadID 8557
Bullet Nosler Partition
Bullet Weight 225 grs
Powder Reloader 17
Powder Weight 68.6 grs
Primer CCI 250
Brass Make R-P
Barrel Length 22 (inches)
C.O.L 2.850 (inches)
Velocity 2715 fps
Group 100 yds 0.7 (inches)
Submitted By Wilbar
Gun Info Ruger 77 mk II All-Weather Stainless
Comment RL-17 may be a tad on the slow side but the velocities are consistent. Start loads around 62grs and work up slow. I'm using a drop tube and this load comes exactly to the shoulder/neck junction. I wasn't totally happy with my RL-15 loads, 17 has been more accurate and gets me to 2700fps with less pressure.