Unverified load 5769 in caliber .405 Winchester

LoadID 5769
Bullet Alaske Bullet Works
Bullet Weight 330 grs
Powder H-4895
Powder Weight 58.6 grs
Primer CCI250
Brass Make Winchester Western
Barrel Length 24" (inches)
C.O.L (inches)
Velocity 2260 fps
Group 100 yds 3/4" (inches)
Submitted By Pat Bolen
Gun Info Winchester 1895
Comment Lytman type 38 side mounted rear sight. This load came as information from the owner of Alaska Bullet Works out of Juneau, Ak. The Hornady .411's are too small diameter to work properly and give good groups. The nes 1895's will take up to a .4125 daimeter bullet and shoot best with the larger .412's. This load works quite well on Oregon's Rocky Mountain Elk out to @250 yds which is about as far as I like to shoot with iron sights. I have not been able to get any jacketed .411 dia. bullet wk