Item Description
Bullet Name and type of bullet. Example: Hornady SP, Sierra Matchking.
Bullet Weight The weight of the bullet in grains (grs). To get the bullet weight in gram, multiply with 0.0648
Powder Name and type of powder. Example: Hodgdon H4831, Vihtavuori N140.
Powder Weight The weight of the powder charge in grains (grs). To get the powder weight in gram, multiply with 0.0648
Primer Name and type of primer. Example: Federal 210, Remington 9 1/2
Brass Make Manufacturer of the case. Example: Remington, Winchester.
Barrel Length The length of the barrel the load was test fired in. Velocity given with this barrel length in test weapon. Measured in inches. Multiply with 2.54 to get length in cm.
C.O.L Total length of the loaded cartridge, from rim to tip of the bullet. Measured in inches. Multiply with 2.54 to get length in cm.
Cartridge Length Same as above.
Velocity Measured bullet velocity at muzzle. Velocity in feet per second (fps). Divide with 3.28 to get the velocity in meter per second (m/s).
Group Shoot groupings (accuracy) for this load. For rifle this means 3 shots fired from 100 yards. The group size is measured in inches. For handguns the distance is 25 yards.
Submitted by The load submitters name, nick name, or email address.

Your email address will not be displayed on any pages on this site. Nor will we forward it to a third party company. It is however needed in some rare cases when the submitter has written a typo or something we do not understand. There are also from time to time, some users that would like to get in contact with the load originator to ask questions about the load and/or caliber. In these cases we will send you an email and ask if you would like to contact this person, or if we are allowed to give him/her your email address.

Gun Info Information about the gun used for developing this load.
Comment Free text comment to the load.
Group This should say something about the loads accuracy. The standard term for measuring accuracy is the group size in inches at 100 yards (equivalent MOA) for rifle and at 25 yards for handgun. If the group was measured at another distance, it will be written in the Comment field.
Submitted Date Time and date the load was submitted.
Energy Bullet energy at muzzle.
TKO Taylor Knockout index.
OGW Optimum Game Weight formula.
IPSC PF International Practical Shooting Confederation Power Factor. See the official IPSC rules.