Welcome to the Site "RelGun"

The Site is intended only for rifle shooters!
On our Website we will try to give you the possibility of easier and more convenient processing of your shooting results, their convenient storage, search and exchange. We want to make it easier for shooters to select and configure a rifled cartridge, to give the opportunity to find here the starting and best parameters for their specific weapon.
Advanced shooters The site will replace the "shooter's log books" and notebooks with entries; now you don’t need to draw sheets of tables before each shooting session and painstakingly fill in the data of the prepared cartridges.
After shooting, it is no longer necessary to calculate the parameters of the resulting groups of shots and then look for the photographed targets with these groups. The site will do everything for you to process, save and show in a convenient form.
To begin to fully use the Site, you should register, which will not take much time. Then create your first "Shooting Set" by filling out the appropriate form with the data and characteristics of the weapon from which you shot, shoot or are going to shoot. Then there will be the possibility of creating a "Shooting Session" with a description of how the shooting took place or will be carried out using the created "Set". Drafts of Sessions are best created at home, before going to the shooting range, then at the turn, after the next Series, when the barrel needs to be allowed to cool down, you just have to take a picture of the target, load it into the created Session into the desired Series and mark it up so that you can calculate everything. If you want, then barrel rounds will be accurately and accurately calculated and saved, and only you - the author can see it.
Create Shooting Sets, clone them, to quickly change some parameter, share pictures of Sets, shoot them, shoot optics, adjust cartridges to fit your needs.
Use all the features that our Site provides.
We just opened, undoubtedly during the use, missed bugs, errors in the text, inaccuracies in the wording, as well as the absence of some manufacturers of weapons and their models, gunpowders and bullets will appear. This is not surprising, because there are so many of them and there are new ones all the time. Please report all such flaws in the appropriate section of the Forum.
We have a lot of ideas, what else to bring to the Site, we will supplement everything as far as possible, but we have to start with something.
We have begun.
Use !!!